Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) is arguably the most powerful and direct experimental technique available to study the electronic structure of a material. Our new Spin-ARPES setup at SUV beamline, SSLS is a dedicated facility for investigating solid surfaces and thin-film materials. Our ARPES setup incorporates state-of-the-art Scienta-Omicron DA30L electron analyzer and two orthogonally mounted Mott spin polarimeters to map 3D (vectorial) spin texture of electronic bands. The new class of deflection analyzer (which utilizes a set of electrostatic lensing system) enables us to perform a full Fermi mapping without rotating/moving the sample. Also, this deflection functionality allows us to scan spin resolved EDCs at any point (within the deflection limits of ±15°) of the Brillouin zone electronically. Currently, we are using a helium lamp source (main wavelength 21.21 eV) as our photon source with plans to incorporate the synchrotron light and laser source in future. Our liquid helium cooled cryo-manipulator enables us to perform measurements at room temperature down to 5 K. Our Spin-ARPES station is also integrated with our PLD growth chamber. In summary, we offer a complete materials research program, including material design/growth, characterization, and simulation (e.g., DFT), to investigate novel materials.

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