ARPES Python Tools

This python library helps you analyze and visualize Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES) data. Currently, it can import data acquired by Scienta SES software format, but a data loader can be implemented for any other formats. It also allows importing and exporting Igor text format. There are functions to convert 2-dimensional spectra or 3-dimensional Fermi mapping data to k-space from real space. You can slice volume data or extract line profiles from 2-dimensional spectra. If the high symmetry directions were not aligned during the measurement, you can rotate the Fermi surface or the full 3-dimensional array. There are matplotlib example templates included in the tutorial in order to quickly visualize your data. If you only need to obtain integrated intensity from the SES spectra for XPS data analysis, you may use our web application (no installation required).

SUV Python Tools

Python libraries to load, analyze and visualize SSLS SUV beamline data. There is also an accompanying web application to convert/export the SPEC/FOURC data format to two column plaintext formats for easy importing to other plotting applications. You can also visualize your data with line/scatter plots for two column data, and 3D surface and contour plots for two dimensional map data.

Integrate OneDrive cloud with your application

We can use Microsoft Graph API to integrate OneDrive or OneDrive for Business cloud storage with our programs to read write data from the cloud. If you have hundreds of gigabytes of data, it is not a bad idea to store them in the cloud, and access them only when you need. This is a walk-through on how to access, explore, read, write files to OneDrive using Python. In fact, Graph API can be used to access the whole of Microsoft services including Outlook emails and Excel online.

Singapore traffic camera

Monitor realtime traffic around you in Singapore. You can either select a location from the dropdown or enter your GPS location, and it will show you the road image of nearest available traffic camera (via DATA.GOV.SG). If you want a specific location to be included in the dropdown menu, just drop me a message :)

Linux/UNIX command cheatsheets

Never forget or confuse another Linux/UNIX command again! This is simple React webapp inspired by the cheat utility. The benefit of the webapp is that you don't need to install in your device (provided you are connected to the internet when you need it), and it can be accessed from any device. The cheatsheets are based on the community version.


This is an educational project to learn about React and Javascript in general. This application can helps you remember and manage your tasks. The user authentication and user data is stored in Google Firebase.

Singapore tax calculator

Calculate your personal income tax if you are a Singapore resident.

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