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Setting up Fortran

FORTRAN is optimized for high performance scientific computing. I will be working on UNIX/ Linux machine for running codes. If you are on Windows, you may consider using WSL. We will be using gfortran compiler.

To install gcc and gfortran in Ubuntu/ Debian:

sudo apt install gcc gfortran

On macOS you can install via Homebrew:

brew install gcc

gfortran is part of gcc. You can use any text editor of your choice to write source codes. We will be using .f90 file extension for our source code files. The program can be compiled using:

gfortran source.f90

It will create a binary file named a.out in the same directory as the source code, which can be executed by:


If you would like to specify a name for the executable instead of default a.out:

gfortran source.f90 -o XYapp

If you have dependent modules in separate source files, you need to compile the modules first followed by main program with linking module .o file. More on this on the modules section.

gfortran -c module.f90
gfortran main.f90 module.o