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Linear regression

Minimize the square loss function:

L(w,b)=i[yi(wxi+b)]2L(w, b) = \sum_i [y_i - (w \cdot x_i + b)]^2

Predictor/independent variable (x): used to predict the response variable. Response variable (y): the variable that we want to predict.

In one dimension, the problem becomes fitting a straight line of the form: y^=wx+b\hat{y} = wx +b, where ww is the slope and bb is the intercept. If we were given a bunch of training data points (x1,y1),(x_1, y_1), (x2,y2),(x_2, y_2), ...,..., (xn,yn)(x_n, y_n), our task is to find a line (ww and bb) for which the square error is minimum.

We can find the minimum of the square loss function and obtain solution for ww and bb:

dLdw=dLdb=0\frac{dL}{dw} = \frac{dL}{db} = 0 in2(yi(wxi+b))=0\Rightarrow \sum_i^n 2 (y_i - (w x_i + b)) = 0 inyi=winxi+nb\Rightarrow \sum_i^n y_i = w \sum_i^n x_i + nb b=1ninyiwninxi=yˉwxˉ\Rightarrow b = \frac{1}{n} \sum_i^n y_i - \frac{w}{n} \sum_i^n x_i = \bar{y} -w \bar{x}

We can solve for ww by setting dLdw=0\frac{dL}{dw} = 0:

w=in(yiyˉ)(xixˉ)in(xixˉ)2w = \frac{\sum_i^n (y_i - \bar{y})(x_i - \bar{x})}{\sum_i^n (x_i - \bar{x})^2}

The above method can be extended for more than one predictor variable. In that case,

y^=w(1)x(1)+w(2)x(2)+w(k)x(k)+b=wx+b\hat{y} = w^{(1)} x^{(1)} + w^{(2)} x^{(2)} + w^{(k)} x^{(k)} + b = w \cdot x + b

We can incorporate bb in wws by assuming an extra predictor variable:

y^=wx+b=w~x~\hat{y} = w \cdot x + b = \tilde{w} \cdot \tilde{x}

where x~=(1,x)\tilde{x} = (1, x) and w~=(b,w)\tilde{w} = (b, w).

Our variables can be written as matrices:

X=(x1~x2~...xn~)X = \begin{pmatrix} \leftarrow & \tilde{x_1} & \rightarrow \\ \leftarrow & \tilde{x_2} & \rightarrow \\ \leftarrow & ... & \rightarrow \\ \leftarrow & \tilde{x_n} & \rightarrow \end{pmatrix}, y=(y1y2...yn)y = \begin{pmatrix} y_1 \\ y_2 \\ ... \\ y_n \end{pmatrix}

The loss function is minimized at: w~=(XTX)1(XTy)\tilde{w} = (X^TX)^{-1}(X^Ty).

Scaling of data is not important when we have multiple variable in case of linear regression.